My Life with Edith and Theo
Since so many people have asked me so many questions the last 40 years, I decided to share my memories of Theo and Edith, and the life that I lived with them in 1962 and 1963. The book is called " THE LAST LOVE OF EDITH PIAF" and is published by Les Editions de l'Archipel.

The Last Love of Edith Piaf Book Cover

L'interview d'Europe Nuit : Christie Laume
William Galibert reçoit Christie Laume, belle-sœur d'Edith Piaf et auteur de 'Le dernier amour d'Edith Piaf" (Ed. de L'archipel). |ABONNEZ-VOUS pour plus de vidéos : bit.ly/radioE1 - ► Nos nouveautés : http://bit.ly/1pij4sV


After my brother married Edith Piaf, much to my delight and surprise, my brother and Edith invited me to live with them. That event, without realizing it, brought a rapid and dramatic change in my life. Suddenly because of them, I was living a life of a celebrity without being one. To learn more about my life with Theo and Edith, visit our Biography Page.

Christie Laume with her brother Theo Sarapo & Edith Piaf, the Riviera, 1963

Platinum Piaf, Sarapo & Laume
I am very humbled and happy to be included with Edith Piaf and Theo Sarapo on this Platinum triple CD. I heard my voice giving the introduction in the Bobino Theatre and I was touched to hear the voices of Edith and Theo singing A quoi ça sert l'amour? This performance in the Bobino Theatre was Edith Piaf's last public appearance.
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Edith Piaf, Theo Sarapo, Christie Laume, Platinum Collection Record

A Conversation with Christie Laume
In this video I discuss how I came to write my book, 'The Last Love of Edith Piaf'. I share many stories as well as showing some of the pictures contained in the book. I hope you enjoy this video.

Theo Sarapo Anthologie CD

Théo Sarapo Anthologie 1962-1969 (Remasterisé en 2020) ℗ 1962, 2020 Parlophone / Warner Music France

Orchestra: Orchestre Jean Leccia  |  Lead Vocals: Theo Sarapo  |  Lyricist: Edith Piaf  |  Composer: Francis Lai

Sixties Girls Vol.3


Imagine the French, inspired by the sounds coming out of the US and UK, taking ideas from the great girl-groups, the beat-groups and combining it with the best of the French chanteuse traditions... The result became known as the yé-yé sound; classic pop songs with a French twist. For more information on the ye’-ye’ sound, visit the Ye-Ye Girls on Wikipedia. To purchase the CD, visit the Sixties Girls CD page on  amazon.com