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My new book is published. It is called "The Last Love of Edith PIaf". The book has been published in French, English, and Greek. It is the story that only Christie, who loved them so much, can reveal from living with Edith and Theo at their invitation... the heartfelt story of their great love is beyond the difference in their age and their physical appearance. More information.
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The Parlophone Music France New Platinum triple CD of Edith Piaf Theo Sarapo Christie Laume is now available. Read all about it.


After my brother married Edith Piaf, much to my delight and surprise, my brother and Edith invited me to live with them. That event, without realizing it, brought a rapid and dramatic change in my life. Suddenly because of them, I was living a life of a celebrity without being one.


Edith wanted to hear my voice and asked me if I wanted to sing. Edith asked me to sing in the opening act of several of her concerts and would have me introduce her to the crowd. Read more...



Since my brother’s death, Theo Sarapo, in 1970, many questions came to my mind. Why are people born? Why do people die? Since my divorce, being alone, raising my children at an early age, and loving them so much, many other questions came to my mind. What is the best way to raise them? I made a personal commitment. I turned totally to the Lord Jesus Christ and read the Bible every day for direction, love and comfort. It was the best way for me.
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